4 Ways to Save for Your Child’s College Education


[This is article three of three in my saving for college series. Click below to see the previous two.] Why You Should Save for Your Child’s Education…and Why You Shouldn’t Saving for Your Child’s Education: Making the Right Decision Now that I’ve taken the extreme liberty of writing only about college savings for the past… [Keep reading]

5 Steps to Make Saving for College Doable

saving for college

[Today we have a guest post from Nate at LendEDU.com, which helps students and graduates to get the lowest rates on student loans and student loan refinances. Fortunately, Nate’s topic today fits perfectly into my saving for college series. Check out the first two!] Why You Should Save for Your Child’s Education…and Why You Shouldn’t Saving… [Keep reading]

Saving for Your Child’s Education: Making the Right Decision

saving for your child's education

[This is the article two of three in my saving for college series. Click here to see the first about the pros and cons of saving for your child’s education] Now that we’ve gone through the pros and cons of saving for your child’s education, I want to discuss how you should decide which direction to… [Keep reading]

Why You Should Save for Your Child’s Education…and Why You Shouldn’t

your child's education

Now that our beautiful little bundle of poop has been the highlight of our lives for a couple of weeks now, you better believe my gears are turning in regards to if/how we’re going to save for his education. My wife and I come from different backgrounds in this regard. Once I left the nest,… [Keep reading]

Meet Digit, the Best Savings Tool Ever

Get your save on with digit

Whether you suck at saving money every month or are a super saver, I’m going to tell you about the coolest savings tool I’ve ever heard of. Peeps, meet Digit. A revolutionary, genius, and dare I say delicious(?) tool that can help you save more regardless of how well you’re doing. Digit works by using an algorithm… [Keep reading]

What I’ve Learned After Being a Father for Only 8 Days


On February 1, the moment for which my wife and I have been waiting for years happened. At 7:17 p.m., I watched Beckham Bruce Luthi come into the world. The moment, and all subsequent moments since then, have been surreal. Part of me wonders when we’ll be done babysitting this little guy and finally get… [Keep reading]

Should You Spend Money to Help a Friend?

friends and money

Back in the day when I was single, I was in the market for a car. The POS I paid $2,300 for shortly after coming back from living in Germany for two years didn’t last long and after only a year I had already put over $1,000 in it to fix all its various problems. As I… [Keep reading]

How Much Would You Put Up With to Save Money?

how much would you put up with

Three weeks ago, I ordered a pair of tires on Walmart.com. When I created the order on January 5th to be shipped to the store, I was surprised when it said it wouldn’t be there until the 16th. A week and a half sounded like a long time for a company that has such efficient… [Keep reading]

Are You Eligible For Student Loan Forgiveness?

student loans forgiveness

Today we have a guest post from Matthew Jade. If you’re interested in guest posting here, check out the guidelines. Enjoy! Student loans are toxic to the middle class, pushing some people move to extreme options like bankruptcy or selling off their valuable possessions when they can’t find other ways to get out of their debt. What… [Keep reading]

How We’re Saving $1,000 a Year on Our Cell Phone Bill

cell phone bill

If you haven’t been convinced about how awesome Republic Wireless is yet, I’ve got one more reason for you: saving over $1,000/year with our $35/month cell phone bill. And that’s not just for one of us, that’s for the both of us. Republic Wireless: A Love Story Republic Wireless and I began our love affair in December… [Keep reading]