2014 Goals in Review

goals in review

Last year I did something on this blog that I normally don’t do–I set goals. I know, I know. There are all these statistics out there about how the best of the best and the richest of the rich live and die by their goals and people who don’t set goals end up in poverty… [Keep reading]

Debt: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should


I was listening to a commercial on the radio last night and it went something like this: “Need relief from debt collectors? Try bankruptcy! The negative stigma surrounding bankruptcy has vanished. It’s gone! Poof! So call today and ask how we can get you on this easy path to freedom.” So that’s it, I guess. It’s… [Keep reading]

Women Don’t Deserve Their Place in the Workforce


Let’s face it. We have a major gender inequality issue in our society, specifically in the workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows women make up 46.8% of the workforce, and according to the Pew Research Center, they’re also starting their careers better educated than us men. Yet somehow women are still lagging behind men in how they are… [Keep reading]

10 of the Most Ridiculously Expensive Items on Amazon


Everyone has his or her weakness when it comes to money. No one’s perfect, right? As for me, I tend to go into YOLO mode whenever I’m on vacation. But as fun as it is to review our own money issues, it’s even more fun to look at the ridiculousness around us. I was going to go over… [Keep reading]

The Foolish Things We Do


I came across an interesting story the other day while I was reading, and I thought I would share it here. It was written by John Ruskin, a 19th century writer and art critic. It definitely made me think about where I’m really going and whether I’m putting my energy into pursuits that actually matter:… [Keep reading]

Capital One 360’s Black Friday Deal: Earn $200 Easy Peasy

Capital One 360

[Updated: As of today, 12/2, Capital One 360 is no longer offering their $100 sign-up bonuses. But they still offer $50 for opening a checking account and $25 for opening a savings account regularly, so it’s still not a bad idea to check them out!] Today is a crazy day for most people. I’m generally… [Keep reading]

Self Made Millionaire? There is No Such Thing


Earlier this month, Yahoo Finance ran a story about a fellow personal finance blogger named Anton Ivanov. I’ve followed Anton since I started blogging over a year ago and I was often envious of his story, which can be best described by Yahoo’s headline: “A 27-year-old millionaire reveals how he built his wealth.” Anton was a… [Keep reading]

How to Earn Thousands a Month Writing

earn thousands a month writing

A year ago today, I received my first offer for a freelance writing gig. When I checked my email that morning, I was ecstatic! But I was also nervous. It’s funny to me now to think about all the fears I had back then. I was afraid I wouldn’t measure up, or that writing for the… [Keep reading]

Losing My Sense of Taste

Losing My Sense of Taste

Last Wednesday I lost my sense of taste. I could feel it coming on early in the day, the pressure of a sinus infection. I could sense my taste buds start to lose their sensitivity as I had a piece of pizza at work. My nose was starting to run a little and my head… [Keep reading]

6-Month Net Worth Update: Up 74%

Net worth update

Welcome to our semi-annual net worth update voyeur show! Every 6 months, I offer a sneak peak into our current assets and liabilities, allowing you to see an overview of where we’re improving and where we still have work to do on our countdown to a positive net worth. That’s one of the goals I… [Keep reading]

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