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Star Wars Episode VII is almost here, and I'm so excited I want to I wrote about ways that Star Wars has taught me about money!

What Star Wars has Taught Me About Money

With Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens, coming out in theaters December 18th and the associated hype ramping up, I wanted to take a moment and share some of the wisdom I’ve gleaned from the original Star Wars trilogy and how it relates to finances and lifestyle.  Below are some quotes from the movies and […]

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Owning a home is wonderful, but you need to be prepared to handle the hidden costs of homeownership before you buy. Here are a few tips to do just that!

Reducing the Hidden Costs of Homeownership

Owning your own home has been a part of the American Dream for years. Signing your name on the dotted line (4,693 times to be exact) comes with a great deal of pride and a sense of accomplishment. You want to scream from the rooftop that you’ve finally made it and have become a homeowner. […]

Buying name brand items may be habit, but your brand loyalty could be costing you big money. Here are 4 areas where you should let go of brand loyalty.

4 Ways Brand Loyalty is Costing You Money

There are times when being loyal to certain brands, products, or services can save you money. For instance, you can usually use your loyalty or long-standing membership to an insurance company, phone company, or cable provider to get a discount on your bill. On the flip side, sometimes that loyalty to your providers is working […]

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Well, Hello There

Welcome to The Wealth Gospel! I’m starting this blog because over the last couple of years, I have realized that, professionally speaking, personal finance is the only thing I’m really passionate about. I want to use this platform to help others learn about the basics of personal finance as well as what it takes to […]

credit card rewards

You Can Use Credit Card Rewards to Score Small Wins Too

The personal finance blogging community is full of stories about using credit cards to score huge wins. Credit card churning is becoming a fad for die-hard reward seekers, and it seems that the credit card companies are jumping on board, shelling out higher rewards than ever. I even wrote a post a couple of months back […]

Fiji kids

On Living a Compassionate Life

About a month ago, I came across a video on a friend’s blog. It was a video presentation of the highly popular commencement speech David Foster Wallace gave at Kenyon College, titled This is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion about Living a Compassionate Life. And yes, I want you to watch it. […]

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Budgeting: All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Another word about budgeting, continued from yesterday’s post. Let me just say that all the cool kids are doing it. Maybe as a desperate attempt to get my point across. Or maybe because I cannot stress enough how important it is. So for startsies, here’s a question. How far do you think Apple would have gotten […]

Everybody makes mistakes with their money. The key is to correct them ASAP. Here are 3 money problems you need to fix if you want to be rich.

3 Money Problems to Fix If You Want to Be Rich

Ask any financial advisor which question they get the most, and they’ll probably tell you it’s this: “How can I get rich quick?” Most of the time, the answer is simpler than you’d imagine: save more. This can mean spending less, investing wisely, or both. Unfortunately, far too many people do the exact opposite. They […]


Reality’s a Peach

I had a little moment a couple of nights ago. Well, it was kind of like a huge freak-out moment. You see, I’m 8 months out of college and have a sub-$10/hr job. Definitely not something I expected or planned for a year ago when I was ready to face the world, and definitely below what I […]

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your child's education

Why You Should Save for Your Child’s Education…and Why You Shouldn’t

This is article one of three in my saving for college series. See the others here: Saving for Your Child’s Education: Making the Right Decision 4 Ways to Save for Your Child’s College Education Now that our beautiful little bundle of poop has been the highlight of our lives for a couple of weeks now, […]

million in life insurance

Why I Have $1.5 Million in Life Insurance

$1.5 million is a LOT of money. So when I tell people that’s how much life insurance I have on myself, I can almost hear their eyes pop. It’s especially crazy when you consider that my wife and I only have one child and no real debt to speak of (a total of about $16,000 […]


What I’ve Learned After Being a Father for Only 8 Days

On February 1, the moment for which my wife and I have been waiting for years happened. At 7:17 p.m., I watched Beckham Bruce Luthi come into the world. The moment, and all subsequent moments since then, have been surreal. Part of me wonders when we’ll be done babysitting this little guy and finally get […]

Being a parent is the most amazing and difficult challenge of my life. Here are 7 things I want to teach my kids about money before they stop listening.

7 Things I Want to Teach My Kids About Money

Being a parent is simultaneously the most amazing thing I’ve ever done and the most difficult challenge of my life. The responsibility of keeping everybody alive and happy, along with the opportunity to shape a young person’s life, is an incredibly humbling experience. Young children look to their parents for almost everything that they know […]


The Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Finance

Managing your money isn’t easy. It doesn’t help that there are thousands of different opinions out there on what you should do in regards to things like budgets, credit cards, debt, saving, retirement, and so on. I’m usually the last person to throw out my opinions as absolutes. In fact, there are at least three […]


4 Ways to Save for Your Child’s College Education

[This is article three of three in my saving for college series. Click below to see the previous two.] Why You Should Save for Your Child’s Education…and Why You Shouldn’t Saving for Your Child’s Education: Making the Right Decision Now that I’ve taken the extreme liberty of writing only about college savings for the past […]