3 Money Problems to Fix If You Want to Be Rich

Everybody makes mistakes with their money. The key is to correct them ASAP. Here are 3 money problems you need to fix if you want to be rich.

Ask any financial advisor which question they get the most, and they’ll probably tell you it’s this: “How can I get rich quick?” Most of the time, the answer is simpler than you’d imagine: save more. This can mean spending less, investing wisely, or both. Unfortunately, far too many people do the exact opposite. They… [Keep reading]

Charitable Giving on a Budget

When we think of charitable giving, the holidays come to mind. Yet, giving throughout the year is important. Here are a few ways to keep giving affordable.

When people think of charitable giving, everyone naturally thinks about the holidays. People are in a generous mood and lots of opportunities exist for giving. Bell ringers are at the entrance of every store with “angel trees” set up just inside, giving you the opportunity to buy things for kids in need. That said, giving… [Keep reading]

17 Reasons Why I Love My 17-Year-Old Car

i love my old car

One of the biggest financial pressures I feel is the “need” to have a shiny, new car. The fact that I spent the last year reviewing car loan contracts for a living didn’t help. The rationalizations kept trying to creep in from all different directions. But every time I started down that rabbit hole, I… [Keep reading]

My Best Decisions in Life Made No Financial Sense


My life hasn’t been anything like I imagined it would be when I was young. But as I look back on some of the biggest life decisions I’ve made, I realize that when I chose to not go with the money, I always won. Granted, the #winning wasn’t always immediate, but it was always the result…. [Keep reading]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Finance


Managing your money isn’t easy. It doesn’t help that there are thousands of different opinions out there on what you should do in regards to things like budgets, credit cards, debt, saving, retirement, and so on. I’m usually the last person to throw out my opinions as absolutes. In fact, there are at least three… [Keep reading]

Why I Have $1.5 Million in Life Insurance

million in life insurance

$1.5 million is a LOT of money. So when I tell people that’s how much life insurance I have on myself, I can almost hear their eyes pop. It’s especially crazy when you consider that my wife and I only have one child and no real debt to speak of (a total of about $16,000… [Keep reading]

How I Got a Second Chance at My Dream Job

fail wall

Last September, I got an amazing chance to go to FinCon, a financial media conference, in New Orleans. While I was there, I got to meet a lot of my fellow bloggers and freelancers whom I had previously only e-known. But more importantly, I had the opportunity to network with some people that helped me pivot… [Keep reading]

4 Ways to Save for Your Child’s College Education


[This is article three of three in my saving for college series. Click below to see the previous two.] Why You Should Save for Your Child’s Education…and Why You Shouldn’t Saving for Your Child’s Education: Making the Right Decision Now that I’ve taken the extreme liberty of writing only about college savings for the past… [Keep reading]

5 Steps to Make Saving for College Doable

saving for college

[Today we have a guest post from Nate at LendEDU.com, which helps students and graduates to get the lowest rates on student loans and student loan refinances. Fortunately, Nate’s topic today fits perfectly into my saving for college series. Check out the first two!] Why You Should Save for Your Child’s Education…and Why You Shouldn’t Saving… [Keep reading]

Saving for Your Child’s Education: Making the Right Decision

saving for your child's education

[This is the article two of three in my saving for college series. See the others here: Why You Should Save for Your Child’s Education…and Why You Shouldn’t 4 Ways to Save for Your Child’s College Education Now that we’ve gone through the pros and cons of saving for your child’s education, I want to discuss… [Keep reading]