Your Finances Simplified With the BASIC Loop


[Today we have another guest post, this time from MomCents. I'm grateful she is sharing her journey to get out of debt (none of us are perfect!), and her systematic way of using her IT skillz to create a basic loop to keep going through things is genius! It's like watching your favorite Vine over […]

How I Earned $13,000 My First Year Blogging


My first year blogging has been CRAZY, people. Seriously. I don’t even want to get into everything that happened. That would take a plethora of blog posts (would you say I have a plethora of blog posts?). But today being my first blogiversary, something I do want to share with you beautiful people is how one […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Investing: Mutual Funds, Exchange Trade Funds, Futures and Options


[Today we have another guest post, this one from Tony at Trading Slugger. Tony's blog focuses a lot on investing, so I was excited to take the opportunity to have him give a sort of beginner's guide to investing. Also, if you're interested, read my take on whether you should invest in straight up stocks. […]

I Got a Scholarship for FinCon 2014!!


Great news, guys and gals. I’m going to New Orleans next month! For those of you who don’t know what FinCon is, it’s an annual financial media conference where personal finance bloggers, finance media and financial services companies all get together and talk about money. I know. My nerdly senses are tingling. I’m so excited! Here’s the […]

That Moment You Realize Your Degree is Worthless

your degree is worthless

[Disclaimer: I know I sound bitter in this post, and that's because I am.] Yesterday morning I came to the depressing conclusion that my college degree is practically worthless. First of all, I’m mad it took me a year and a half to realize it. I should’ve seen it just a few months after I graduated. […]

7 Considerations Before Investing in Real Estate

investment property

[Today we have ourselves an awesome guest post by Jennifer Riner, who does marketing for Zillow (the link is just in case you live under a rock and don't know who they are :)). Anyway, I'm grateful that Jen took the time to write about this topic, because it's definitely something I'm interested in. I hope […]

What Do You Get For Someone Who Wants Nothing?


What do you do for someone’s birthday when they literally want nothing? Today is my birthday, for any of you out there who care. And I really struggle with the question, “What do you want for your birthday?” Along with that question are “What do you want for Christmas?” and “How many cups of sugar […]